Designer Barn doors and quality barn track hardware


Behind the scenes......
       We Design and create our unique Doors... .. ...Right here in AUSTRALIA !!!

Not many items are made in Australia anymore.... . . .
  Sadly this is happening with Barn doors also.... with many retailers and online stores selling chinese imported barn doors.
     Obviously these doors only come in 'SET SIZES" and limited quality, However sadly they are being sold as Australian made which is very misleading and unfair to the consumer.

We also '''finish our doors'''', which is something that is almost impossible to find anywhere.
  Try asking for a custom size barn door in a particular finish at the local Hardware or even joinery shop !
     Then there is the awesome unique finishes that we create..... So unique, no one can match. 

Let's have a wander through our Workshop....
Australia made barn door

Our stunning doors being finished in white satin

Australia made barn door white
Australia made barn door art

Special Effects being applied by the decorative artist.

We produce some amazing finishes to our doors from hand brushed Metallic wash on door frames to French Provincial finishes and glazes for that unique door and wow factor. See our photo gallery page.

No one, I mean No one,  can produce what we create.


Our Latest timber and MDF Version doors feature hidden steel reinforcement bars routered into the door styles on assembly, This gives the door strength, durability  and prevents natural timber bowing.
Our timber barn doors feature double overlap joints on all 4 corners to provide maximum strength of the assembly.  These key features produce a quality made product.

Hidden Steel Reinforcement bars shown in door cut-away on right side pictures...

Double overlap joint , Screwed and glued together for strength and maximum durability .. shown in picture below....
Australia made barn door hardware
barn door hardware black brisbane
Australia made barn door sydney
Carefully Packaged for maximum protection while being freighted. 

When freighting our stunning timber doors, we custom make a fully enclosed protective crate to protect your purchased investment while in transport. We also recommend freight insurance for each delivery for peace of mind.
Unlike some competitors, we actually care about our product and the safe delivery to your home.
 We do not send our doors wrapped in a piece of cardboard hoping it might turn up undamaged!
We are horrified to hear about the damaged doors that other company's are sending out with poor packaging efforts for such a vulnerable and major purchase.
barn door hardware black
Australia made barn door and track sydney
Australia made barn door hardware kit sydney
barn door hardware brisbane melbourne


Pick up/ Delivery / Freight

Pick up –
Pick up is Preferred and recommended from Tenterfield NSW, 2372
We are on the QLD Boarder
so we are central to Brisbane, Gold Coast, northern NSW and New England.
Tenterfield is Approximately 3 1/2 hours drive from Brisbane, Coffs Harbour,  Tamworth, or Approx 2 + hours drive from Toowoomba, Grafton, Inverell, Armidale.

Delivery –
We currently offer a delivery service in the following towns:

         Please email us for a quote with your requirements and location
        Tenterfield, Armidale, Inverell, Glen Inness, Mullumbimby, Byron Bay, Ballina in NSW,
        Stanthorpe, Warwick, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Tweed QLD
Freight –

If you would like doors freighted to your address, we are happy to help you out with getting a freight quote for your delivery.

If you email us your location and postcode, required door size, we can request a freight quote for you,
We Regularly have doors freighted to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Brisbane, sunshine coast, Adelaide and most places in between,