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Behind the scenes......

     We Design, Create and Finish our unique Doors... .. ...Right here in AUSTRALIA !!!


Starting back in 2014, we were one of the first businesses to Specialize in handcrafting Barn doors in Australia , that were custom made to size and finished in a range of finishes, making them ready to install straight out of the box.

As A Husband and Wife Team, For the first several Years, We supplied our unique doors to happy customers all over Australia from Sydney in the east to Perth in the west, and everywhere in between, Across Australia.

Nowadays we provide our own delivery service to a large area(listed on our doors page)  to avoid ever increasing freight costs and to ensure our customers personally receive our doors, handed over buy us, and avoid any damages and losses that are common with regular freight company's.


It's disappointing to see endless businesses popping up all over Australia selling poor quality, chinese imported barn doors through shopfronts and glossy websites.

 Looking closely at these imported doors you will straight away notice how piddly and thin the frame and bracing bars(sticks) are, then you look closer to notice short pieces and off cuts of timber, all stuck together to create each length of timber, and it just keeps going down hill from there...


If you're going to create something nice, stylish and finish your home that presents something you can be proud of, Don't start with Chinese Doors !


Let's have a wander through our Workshop....

Our stunning doors being finished in white satin

Special Effects being applied by the decorative artist, Kath who is a legend with the fine art finishing....

Loves to dabble in dry Brushing and shabby Chic finishes, and let that brush run wild

We produce some amazing finishes to our doors from hand brushed Metallic wash on door frames to French Provincial finishes and glazes for that unique door and wow factor. 

No one, I mean No one, can produce what we create.

Our Latest doors feature hidden steel reinforcement bars routered into the door styles on assembly, This gives the door strength, durability and prevents natural timber bowing.

Our timber barn doors feature double overlap joints on all 4 corners to provide maximum strength of the assembly. These key features produce a quality made product.

Hidden Steel Reinforcement bars shown in door cut-away on right side pictures...

Double overlap joint , Screwed and glued together for strength and maximum durability .. shown in picture below....

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