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When fitting a barn door inside your home, you will need a Track hardware package to complete the picture, and get your door up and running.

We Sell the Traditional style Barn Hardware kits,

These are the best option for any feature barn door inside your home.

These kits include installation instructions, solid steel track, two roller bearing hangers, Door stops, anti lift guides, track to wall spacers, bottom floor guide and fixing screws and bolts.

Barn track hardware

OUR BARN KITS USE TOP QUALITY DOUBLE BEARING ROLLERS for maximum life , durability and smooth quiet running.




** ** FREE FREIGHT ** **

on track hardware kits to


Sale is on all track Hardware kits while stocks last.


PRICES - For Traditional Style Barn Track and Roller Hardware Kits (as pictured below)

2 Meter Track - Single Door kit (upto 1000mm wide door) $178

2.4 Meter Track - Single Door kit (upto 1200mm wide door) $255

3 Meter Track - Single Door kit (upto 1500mm wide door) $275

4 Meter Track - Single Door kit (upto 2000mm wide door) $320

4 Meter  Double Door Kit (upto 1000mm wide each door) $340


FREE FREIGHT on Track Kits only (NSW, QLD, VIC, ACT, SA) Current special 

All barn Track kits are designed for Internal Feature Barn Doors - Not External use.

All Barn track kits are rated to carry maximum weight limit 120 Kg per door.


Please Note: We choose to sell quality barn track hardware, however We do not Manufacture this product, nor is it made in Australia.

For freight purpose some track kits are packaged with the track rail supplied in interlocking sections that are assembled to the full length once unpackaged.

We always strongly recommend that barn doors and track kits be installed by a experienced licensed contractor.


*Warning Note to all DIY and Contractor installations- All barn track kits on the market come with anti lift disks that must be installed on the top of the door to prevent door lift and de-railing if slammed. We have seen a number of cases where the installer has NOT fitted the supplied anti lift disks to the door, thinking they are not necessary or could not be bothered. These Disks MUST be installed as it is a serious safety issue leaving them off.

NO Exceptions !! - Fit The Anti lift Disks !!, Don't be lazy




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Barn Door Track Hardware

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